Anagnorisis is a deepness within which one can wander. It is written by Cameron Higby-Naquin. It is not a game, but it perhaps circumscribes one, or projects one. It is a space, and within it are geographies, denizens, artifacts, legends, poems, hopes, echoes. It is an entirely non-linear work, and can be explored in any order.

New entries are being added to these realms constantly, but it is not always obvious where. Some entries are marked with a diamond symbol: ♢. This indicates that the referenced page is known to be incomplete. It is possible that in the future, a tale will have sprouted from this turf. Or that it will remain forever empty: labeled yet formless, an unrealization.

The Anagnorisis site attempts to provide useful navigation tools and indices so that you can find your way to and from its various regions without becoming lost. But not all that is in the world can be found via the main menus, and there are unlisted places and hidden connections that will only be revealed through persistence and investigation.

Cameron Higby-Naquin dwells in Burlington, Vermont with a tea-hoard, a bag of dance shoes with holes in them, many cursed polyhedral dice, and an emacs configuration on the verge of gaining sentience. He has been a web developer, historical dance performer, opera supernumerary, accordionist, and video game designer. He has a degree in astrophysics from Swarthmore College.